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Lady Blues Jackie


Jacqueline Amos has taught for 25 years. Jacqueline is Chairperson of the Noumi Arts Black Collections, International World Wide Director of Missions. International Faith of Restoration; she has lectured at Medgar Evers College, Public Schools, and Universities. Jacqueline Amos has spent her life giving. Whether it is her services to programs for children, or donating her Art to the children of the Village of the Assin Kruwa Ghana to be auctioned for schoolhouse with the proceeds to be given to the village children. She has always contributed her life to the good will of human life. Let the windows open and the love will be shouted, from the rooftop, where men and women reside. In the name of God feel the spirits as the blessings of the highest gives me a message to deliver. Let unity be the key to the mouths of all men. I am the tool and take no glory in what ever I do. The blessings that touch my hands come through the highest king. Let the spirit feel your heart. I write the words of wisdom and love. The words of the prophets, I hope they will touch your heart. I hope the contents of my words open the doors. Man is nothing without God. I hope to bring beauty and truth. Every spoken word the truth that will open the doors to wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Jacqueline honored Queen Mother Moore who walked among many as Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, and many other civil rights leaders for justice. Jacqueline awarded her with a painting on her 97th birthday. "In My Mothers House". Jacqueline Amos honored Queen Winnie Mandela with a gift from the Artist of the United States, one of her own paintings "In my Fathers House". Victoria Theater of Harlem. Historical Archive. Many Collectors holds Jacqueline Amos paintings, and works of poetry, doctors, lawyers, judges, banks, churches, hospitals, actors, and historical archives.

International Artist, Poet, Author, Blues Singer


When I think about the poet and Author Jacqueline Amos, I often reflect on the times of Cotton Club Comes To Harlem with Lady Blues, Billy Holiday, the reflection sends a light of the times of the 1940's, the horns that plays from the direct spirit of Blues, and the sounds of the pass, which reverts through the mike of Lady Blues Jackie, this vibrant cry, take me to the cotton club brings the applauds from the audience, Jacqueline not only a literarily writer but a composer who gets down and dirty at times, singing the flows of which she refer to her ancestors, the cries from the mike, my mama done told me, I was a country girl, but I took a chance on the silver meter to release my pain, through this heroic symposium, of blues and poetic compositions she let the world feel the revolution of composition

I'se Country Girl deep from the south pick plenty of cotton and milked many cows, she goes into a trans as she sings, release my spirit look out; here comes the spirit that lives within, Billy holiday presents, she sings as the sweat surrounds the implementation of her brow, play those down home blues she cries at the keyboard, let me step out my form, and take on the presence of the ancestors who brought me to a new form of blues.

The southern blues is the style of lady blues; her dynamic style portrays Billy Holliday, Bessie Smith, Etta James, Earthier Kit," My man Doesn't Love Me" Billy Holiday, and many exceptional lady blues singers, her high light is differently original, with that misty forte of blues aesthetics " Many say she is the resurrection of the past. Lady blues Jackie compose on the rhythm of the bars of notes; the melody instantly forms a historic symphony of blues. Lady Blues portray the 40's in her conservatory of originals, feeling the soul that lives within her, her vocal style at times resemble Bessie Smith, and many masters of the blues. Lady Blues also creates a forum the back door blues.

Jacqueline mentor's were Billy Holiday, Bessie Smith, Lenis Guess, B.B King, many celebrities of blues, Jacqueline states I lived around the components of blues, simplified through the history of my family genes, I take on a new preservation of modern blues and jazz, with a touch of honey that sticks to my ribs, the legends that lives through me, The symposium preceded a performance of blues related to the compositions of her poetry, the pain of pleasure one might say sadistic in the format of relevance, the association of pain and pleasure, Lady Blues Jackie have been performing since the age of 19 relating to the stories of her family tree, I think she is genuinely please to release the sounds that are instill through birth, Jacqueline speaks of her auntie Louise Corley, she perform in the clubs of Harlem, which she has now passed on, she speaks of the time when she watched her auntie perform for her family, hoping that one day she could do the same, her father a southern a lover of music as well as her mother, it runs through the genes, as well as her sister, but the voices of originality presents the blues as she was back in the 1940's as well as her poetic compositions, the rebirth of Harriet Tubman as wells Langston Hughes,

Mama Sings the Blues A Night in Harlem Black gals with the greasy curl; High top shoes, black man, with The platted suits, gold cuffs With shinning puffs, Black gal's With Flower in the hair, Black man, culture vise; Black power pride, sweet Black jazz, with the taste Of Louie Armstrong;

Black man with the swinging Watch, laid out With the conquer lean hair; Flashing lights, cigarettes that Linger in the air, Playing that black jazz Feathers in the derby hats;

Cotton club comes to Harlem; Play that black jazz Billie holiday sings My man don't love me Any more, as the horns Play, singing mama he Don't feel my pain. Bill Robinson smiling, Blues dancing, Josephine, royal, Black girl flowing with her dance, Big bosom black gal, as she sings the down home blues.

Black gals dancing The camels walk with fingers pointing in the air; Charleston let mama sing; The black girls throw their legs In the air, playing that blues Come on down with the Mix, mama done song that Black jazz, sweet incenses; lets Get it own down here. Sweet smells of Harlem Through The Back Door Aren't al dat, boys on the band stand; boy play that horn, waiting for de'nit to come, down with black boy blues, playing for the white folks, back door to the stage front, jazz my mind as I take a blow, white powder enhance my flow,, high top pants, striped jacket, collar turned up so, greasy hair, conquer lean, white folks , white table cloths, playing in the house, where the white folks go. Play that jazz, play that jazz, play the blues, on de' keyboard.

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Jacqueline has completed 18 new songs blues,jazz, r@b. My name is Lady blues Jackie I got the blues in my blood. Looking for that blues band to cool me off. Like sugar to the lips.

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